North America

Bill Weinberg: Donald Trump is a fascist

Bill Weinberg makes the case that Donald Trump is an actual fascist, and repeats his call for urgent pressure on the electors to refuse to seat him as president.

Greater Middle East

Bill Weinberg: against pro-war ‘anti-war’ jive

Bill Weinberg rants against the bogus "anti-war" position that holds that Donald Trump, who would "bomb the shit out" of Syria, is the less dangerous candidate than Hillary Clinton.


Bill Weinberg explains the origins of ISIS

Bill Weinberg rants against the conspiranoid notion that the US intentionally created ISIS, dismissed as a "fairy tale" by progressive supporters of the Syrian Revolution.

Watching the Shadows

Propaganda and the dystopia of social media

Bill Weinberg rants against the totalizing propaganda environment of social media, destroying our ability to think, analyze and access information outside a "confirmation bias" bubble.