Israeli high court justices face war crimes suit

Three justices on the Israeli Supreme Court have been sued for authorizing construction of Israel's wall around the West Bank, found illegal by the International Court of Justice.

North Africa

Algeria to build security wall on Libyan border

Algeria announced that it will join Tunisia in building a separation barrier along its border with Libya, in an effort to bar infiltration by ISIS militants and arms traffickers.


What was behind Af-Pak border clashes?

Pakistan and Afghanistan saw deadly border clashes and a tense stand-off over Islamabad's plan to build a barbed-wire separation barrier at its Torkham crossing.


Baghdad: three killed in Green Zone protests

Security forces opened fire on protesters storming Baghdad's Green Zone, killing three and wounding some 20—the second such breach of the security wall in recent weeks.


Iraq: protesters camp out in Green Zone

One day after storming parliament, Iraqi protesters began camping out May Day within the confines of Baghdad's International Zone, also referred to as the "Green Zone."

North Africa

ISIS attacks Tunisia in cross-border raid

In a surprise dawn raid, ISIS forces attacked Ben Guerdane, the first Tunisian city west of the border with Libya, in an apparent attempt to establish an "emirate" there.

North Africa

Libya: mysterious air-strikes on Derna

Unidentified warplanes carried out air-strikes on Libya's Islamist-controlled eastern city of Derna—reportedly claiming civilian lives when a hospital was struck.