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Can we raise $500 by year's end? If we do, CounterVortex will have succeeded in meeting a large chunk of our annual operating expenses for 2017. That's all we ask. If you have appreciated our rigorous reportage and ultra-dissident analysis over the past year, please give what you can. Donations of $50 each from six more readers would do it. If you can afford to help us and appreciate our work, please do it now while you are thinking about it…

CounterVortex on one-month hiatus

CounterVortex will be on hiatus through mid-November, as your editor Bill Weinberg will be traveling in Peru, gathering material on indigenous and campesino struggles against corporate land-grabs for oil and mineral exploitation. He may post some material from the road. But we will resume regular updates to the Daily Report and our weekly headline e-mails upon his return. We thank our readers for your continued support, and urge you to give what you can to sustain our efforts. We promise to be back in full swing within 30 days.

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CounterVortex, an ultra-dissident voice of left in a time of deep reaction, depends 100% on our readers for support. We receive no foundation sponsorship to meet our operating costs.

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In 2015, World War 4 Report finally took the plunge and removed the damn Google Ads from our website. Please help us make up the lost revenue and survive!

World War 4 Report ditches Google Ads!

We finally took the plunge and removed Google Ads from our website. We are now 100% reader-supported. Please do your part to keep our ultra-dissident voice alive!