Watching the Shadows

Obama’s final year: a CounterVortex scorecard

With a Trump despotism looming, CounterVortex offers its final assessment of Barack Obama's record in addressing the oppressive legacy of the Global War on Terrorism.

Planet Watch

Paris Agreement on climate change takes effect

As the Paris Agreement took effect, hailed as the first binding climate change treaty, activists charge that it is actually "binding" in name only, with no enforcement mechanisms.


Paris: police suppress climate protests

Police in Paris used tear-gas and batons to break up protesters who attempted to gather ahead of the UN climate summit in defiance of a state of emergency.

Planet Watch

Russia files revised bid for arctic territory

Russia's Foreign Ministry submitted a new bid claiming over 350 nautical miles of oil-rich Arctic sea shelf before the  UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf.

Planet Watch

Ice Age fears: don’t believe the hype

Russia Today trumpets specious claims of a new Little Ice Age—convenient propaganda for Putin to go on exploiting Arctic oil without worrying about global warming.

The Amazon

Carbon obfuscation in New York Times

Amid the current UN climate talks, the New York Times runs an op-ed entitled "To Save the Planet, Don't Plant Trees"—filled with bogus science and dishonest claims.

Central Asia

Next: Free Siberia?

In a little-noted irony, as Vladiimir Putin backs the "People's Republics" in eastern Ukraine, he has cracked down on a separatist movement that has emerged in Siberia.